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The major challenge of this century is to discover what energy sources shall be moving humanity in the future. With the forthcoming end of the era of oil and gas due to the depletion of world reserves, the more developed countries are investing vast resources in researching alternative energy sources. Although everyone acknowledges the huge potential Latin America has in the so-called renewable energy, there is a need for initiatives that promote its insertion in the energy matrix for our countries.

It is in this scenario that we created the IDEAL – Instituto para o Desenvolvimento de Energias Alternativas na América Latina (Institute for Developing Alternative Energy in Latin America). It has been born with the purpose of fomenting renewable energy together with governments, parliaments, academia and business environments allowing the establishment of an energetic integration policy and regional development.
The Electric Energy Commercialization Chamber – CCEE – ( is responsible for facilitating and managing the electricity trade in Brazil, ensuring security and financial stability of this market. The CCEE is a nonprofit civil association, held by companies that buy and sell energy in the country. The role of the CCEE is to strengthen the environment of energy trading – in the regulated, free and short-term market – through rules and mechanisms that promote strong commercial relations and fair to all segments of the industry (generation, distribution, trade and consumption). CCEE works together with other institutions and government agencies that congregate the sector governance to ensure a sustainable energy model in the country, capable of stimulating economic growth in Brazil and, at the same time, ensuring an affordable price to the consumer.



Working efficiently, effectively and with a spirit of partnership, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH cooperates with individuals and companies in developing countries, transition and industrialized in order to contribute to the improvement of living conditions and building a more sustainable future. Established on 1 January 2011, the GIZ brings under one roof the longstanding experience of DED, GTZ and InWEnt. With nearly 50 years history, the technical cooperation between Brazil and Germany acted in key areas for development. Today, sustainable energy is a priority. In this context, the GIZ in Brazil cooperates with institutions in Brazil, aiming to consolidate the role of renewable and energy efficiency in the supply and energy supply in Brazil.


Development Bank of the Federal Republic of Germany, KfW has the German Federation and the German states as partners. With nearly 60 offices around the world, KfW operates in Brazil under the Official Cooperation between Brazil and Germany that, since 2007, has renewable energy and energy efficiency as one of the approaches. KfW supports the partners in the development and implementation of programs with long-term financing at subsidized rates. Currently, protecting the global climate is a major focus of activity of the bank, which paid almost 20 billion Euros in projects to combat climate change in Germany and abroad in 2009, making it the largest bank investor in this area in the world.

The German Development Cooperation (GIZ in Brazil and KfW) acts on behalf of the Ministry of Environment of Germany (BMU) in this project.


WWF-Brazil is an autonomous, non-profit Brazilian civil society organization. Created in 1996 and based in Brasília, the federal capital of the country, WWF-Brazil acts nationwide with the mission of contributing to a Brazilian society that conserves its natural environment, harmonizing human activity with the preservation of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources, to the benefit of the citizens of today and of future generations. WWF-Brazil is also part of the WWF Network, the largest independent network for the environment conservation, acting on more than 100 countries and with the support of more than 5 million people, including associates and volunteers.